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All about the T Shirts

Not just all about the T Shirts but also fitted T Shirts, Hoodies, Men and Women’s Polos and Long Sleeve Tees. For the first few, you can see the colour shift across different materials, the last few are just random colours. We have range of lines:
Jokes (including rude)
Other lines will be added as we establish, we have different sizes, and base shirt colours and some even allow for personalisation (words). We have a specific T Shirt for full design personalisation.

Don’t forget we have wider range of products such as vests, sportswear, kids tees and baby grows, together with a much wider colour gamut, please feel free to enquire. Feedback is always appreciated. Suggestions for designs even more so.

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Do you want to be Rude to your friend

Do you want to be rude to your friend? Ok, maybe not hateful rude, but you old sod rude kind of thing . Maybe you have a certain way of talking to each other or perhaps there is an episode of their life that just needs to be remembered. Ladies and gentlemen, I give you Rude Wrap. Iv mentioned before the whole E-commerce section of the company was based on being rude to my mates. Two things struck me when I was thinking about the idea, firstly Lockdown in Covid and the subsequent difficulty in getting to the shops and getting a customised sheet of wrapping paper. Our rude wrapping paper is printed on genuine wrapping paper with a heavyweight feel so none of that weak tissue thin xmas wrapping paper you buy for a £1. This is a premium product, not only in specification, but after you have finished being creative, the whole design idea behind it. Anyway, back to the story, you could buy sheets of themed paper, you could even put a message, maybe on some you could put an image. What you couldn’t do was put it all together and have the freedom to create whatever you wanted. I come from a printing background so I set to overcoming the challenge. I still have some areas to overcome with coding. Im happy with the artwork part of the system, which you do online. At the moment I have to automate receipt into the backend system and send you back a laid up proof of the sheet just to make sure that it is how you imagined it to be. Eventually, that will happen online and you will pass the final sheet in one go. We all have to start somewhere right? Iv constantly read that you just need to get the idea up and running and smooth out the kinks as you go.

When you finally pass that proof via email, and let us know, we print the sheet/sheets. You will already have decided on the two options available on postage, £2.75 where the sheets will be folded and sent via Royal Mail or £5.50 rolled and couriered for a pristine sheet and faster delivery. They get delivered, where you will wrap the gift and give to the recipient. Hopefully, you might record that moment on video and send to us on our social media sites, which you can find on the floating bars to the left of this post.

Do you want to be rude to your friend? Not necessarily your family or loved ones. You might consider being a little bit more loving or polite in that instance. Maybe you want to congratulate someone on their exams (well maybe not so much in lockdown) an event, a special birthday, valentines, xmas, mother’s day, father’s day. The only limit is your imagination. Whatever it is, you can create it with our system. We have set up a few templates to get you started. The clever amongst you will note that there are far more rude than not. Maybe that is a function of my childish mind, or the people that keep suggesting ideas. We are an open book. We will always be happy to receive new ideas, comments, criticisms, feedback. Personally Im not so keen on abuse, so let’s keep it non hateful and we will all have fun.

To sum up you can be as rude as you like with the wrapping paper and indeed the T Shirts, you can be creative but what none of us want to see is hateful things and those sensitive issues prominent in the press. So I would respectfully ask you to consider the people who ultimately have to print these things and think about the message you are giving the world. Other than that, have fun and #berude

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Value Products Listed on Amazon

The value products listed on this page are affiliate Product links to Amazon, if you buy through them, you will pay the same price as on Amazon but we will be receiving a commission. Of course, the beauty for you is that if you have a Prime account your delivery is included. It is just so easy buying from Amazon. We have included links to Prime, Audible and Kids which are great recommends and worth a try, especially the Kids

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Buying T Shirts For Multiple People

T Shirts For Multiple People, to date we have been showing lots of ideas for T shirts and the different ways of personalising your individual T shirt. Now it is time to talk about T shirts for multiple people. The requirements are very different for this. In most cases you would need a heavier duty product for durability. Maybe you want that polo vibe, or soft touch, pretty much any type of T shirt is available, and because you are ordering more than the one, you will be looking at getting the best deal available. Whilst you are thinking about it consider these questions:
How many people need them
How many does each person need
Do the individuals require fitted shape or unisex
What type of product are you looking for (colours vary product to product)
Get all of the sizes into a list
What do you want the T shirt to say
Do you have a key message for individuals (personalisation)
Do you want to put a key message from the group as well
Is there anything you might want to include on the back

We use a method of printing called DTG or Direct To Garment. This makes the ink part of the T Shirt and so is long lasting and feels great. The inks we use are completely vegan friendly and non toxic which is great for the environmentally minded amongst you.

Lots of groups to date have bought for themselves, ie their use either at school, work, in a team, a group or club, but have you thought about creating a quantity of gifts, with a special message? Of course this makes it a little difficult in terms of size ordering, potentially look at popular sizes and bulk order to gift to people who have done sound work either as part of the team or customers. Never forget the value of a happy customer receiving a gift with a thank you message that can be worn outside of normal situations.

We feel that given the economic climate there needs to a be a seismic shift in thinking about every part of our ethos, that is right through business and personal. Just because you have always done things a certain way you might consider looking at the process with fresh eyes, a view to increase your visibility, to create positivity and feeling part of something special. Ok, we are only talking about T shirts for multiple people but if you can extend that thinking? That would be special. Part of our ethos from the beginning was, walking with you along the way, and that hasn’t changed we still want to be a part of your journey.

Try getting your thoughts together, and then email us and let us try and point you in the right direction. Looking forward to your contact.

work t shirt
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T Shirts Back to Basics

T Shirts Back to Basics

Our T shirts are just that little bit extra in terms of quality and style. With just 7-10 working days from your passed artwork as our normal delivery or a faster delivery in options which will be 3-4 working days Max from your passed artwork. How it works is you order the T shirt and you can select the options available, which vary from design to design, they will be size, colour, personalisation etc. The options you have to select are marked with a red asterisk and the others are of course optional. If you select a colour other than the one shown we will send you a proof, just to make sure you are happy, sometimes colours of design look weird on other colours so it becomes subjective but entirely your choice. Just email us back your decision and we will rinse and repeat or proceed.

Our quality is because of the extra detail in the product itself, on top of which our prints are soft to touch, 100% organic, and 100% safe for children and infants.
The prints are ink-based and form part of the garment rather than being printed on top, so the print feels soft and stretches with the shirt.
Washed normally the print will last as long as the garment. You can even tumble-dry.
All shirts are printed using 100% biodegradable, water-based organic inks meeting the strictest industry standards.


Our prices start from £14.00 which includes delivery, VAT will be added to the total price. As we are building this business we are happy to listen to design ideas or suggestions, so if you don’t see an option ask us.

If you dig deep you will find a T shirt that allows you to capture your loved pet and we will place that onto the T shirt of your choice. What a special way to remember and celebrate your pet. Equally this could be a picture of a loved one, or place, it doesn’t have to be about a pet, express your imagination and let us try and capture it in print. As the picture says, love who you are.

Our history comes from the rude wrapping and putting a rude message in print to your friends, watch out, we will be taking full advantage of that brevity with T shirts. Enjoy…

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Love Your Pet

Love Your Pet

Imagine wanting to keep your beloved pet close to your heart, here is the solution. You pick the size and colour T Shirt and send us your high resolution digital photo and we will turn it into a Love Your Pet T Shirt, beautifully extracted and placed close to your heart,

Upon receipt of your picture, we will set about the background removal and sending you an approval proof. Now you may want to change a few things such as size, amount of background removed, colour of T shirt, none of which is a problem, just send us an email back with your changes and we will sort and send you back another proof. Once you are happy, let us know and we will commence production and then sit back and wait for it to drop through your door.

Maybe you want it for a child, just ask and we will try to accommodate your request.

Love Your Pet might include, your current pet or those deceased that you just cant forget. You might be thinking:

Let us see what we can do, and if you do go ahead and get one, don’t forget to send us a picture of it being worn for our social media. Get your thinking caps on guys. To head over to the shop page just click on this link for our Love Your Pet T Shirt

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Outdoor Banners UK

Outdoor Banners have long been a staple part of the marketing landscape in the UK. Whether attracting new customers or an affordable way to market your brand. These Outdoor Banners help you entice passers-by to your business, event or product launch. With great value and high quality, you can expect a premium product at comfortable prices.

Stand out for all of the right reasons with our premium quality PVC Outdoor Banners, at great value pricing. These Outdoor Banners are built to last with full colour and high-resolution printing on tear-resistant PVC. The structure is reinforced with a fine nylon cross-weave in the core of the fabric, giving it very high strength and durability. Plus they are perfect for indoor or outdoor use, thanks to their water- and weather-resistant properties. Available in any size, we offer standard sizing for pricing purposes but feel free to contact us for a specific size not shown.

Choose our PVC Outdoor Banners for a great value custom, durable banner, supplied hemmed with eyelets for ease of hanging.

Choose your banner type, Mesh Banners, Pocket Banners, PVC Banners or Roller Banners for super-sized advertising. Our printed banners are an easy option with many practical benefits you can utilise. We give you the low down on each type of banner below so you can make an informed choice. If something isn’t clear, please feel free to enquire. We could have missed out vital detail from the puzzle. Our pricing is from High-resolution pdf graphics supplied, we can, of course, quote to do the artwork element if you don’t have your own designer on board.

PVC Banners, the gold standard in outdoor banners, used for pretty much every circumstance. Avoid high positions or exceptionally windy areas. Indoors and out, this works well.
Mesh Banners are a little dearer, they have a mesh construction that allows wind to pass through, making them suitable for scaffolding and high wind conditions as building wraps.
Pocket Banners have (usually) a pocket at each end for fixing in position onto a structure such as posts or low-level scaffolding. Very rarely used these days as a mesh banner with less finishing would be cheaper and more efficient.

PVC Outdoor Banner
PVC Outdoor Banner
Pocket Banner
Pocket Banner
Hemmed and Eyeletted
Hemmed and Eyeletted
Mesh Banner
Mesh banner
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Wooden Plaques

Preserve your memories in a unique format using a wooden plaque in either oak or pine. Be it your wedding, a special moment with your children or the holiday of a lifetime. Whatever the memory, you will remember it in style with this delightful, natural product, with no varnishes or finishes to harm the environment. To begin the process simply click on the image above.

Create a custom wooden plaque and have a truly stunning piece of art for your home. Each product will bring out the natural finish and grain of the timber, allowing the natural splendour of the wood to create a unique finish as individual as you. The product is 150 x 200 mm by 20 mm thick, making it a freestanding product. Each face will be sanded and free of sharp edges. Please note, it is not suitable for children, especially as a toy.

Your images and text can be printed straight on to the wooden plaque itself which will allow the natural grain and beauty of the material to show through into the finished print. Or opt for the vibrant option, which will lay down a cover coat of white underneath the print to give a stunning vibrant image against the material. Should you require a unique design, then contact us with your requirements (such as photo retouching or blending) and we will work out costs and come back to you.

Our printing process ensures good quality and a long-lasting wooden plaque that won’t fade, chip or crack over time. The special UV inks will protect the image from sunlight and water spills or splashes.

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Congratulations on Your Wedding

Now that the restrictions during lockdown are starting to release, so too has the ban on weddings. Whilst there is still a restriction on numbers attending, people all over the country are breathing a sigh of relief as they start re-organising their day and as such you will be wanting to say “congratulations on your wedding“.
There are some wonderful wrapping papers available to you to choose from. I think we stand out for one reason, you can customise exactly the message to the happy couple. Here is a simple for instance, in the beautiful world we live in today, we are broad-minded enough to have same-sex marriages. This is a great move forward in the world and our understanding of basic humanity, but have you ever seen a wrapping paper for weddings to Mark and Mark, or Susan and Susan for instance? With our product, you can, you may also use your own pictures, maybe a personal message.

The point is, a wedding is personal and unique to the couple concerned, why should we make any part of that day standard? I agree, our paper is a little more expensive than a standard wrapping paper, and we absolutely could do the same if we were printing in bulk, but we are delivering one off products to order, that increases costs dramatically. Also I have said in a previous blog, that given the current state of social distancing, it is quite handy shopping in this way and not having to mix with people who seem to think it is ok to invade your personal space. No social contact required here.

The world has dramatically changed over the last few months, and I feel blessed that my timing for online wrapping paper seemed to be absolutely perfect. Weddings are a happy occasion and we need more of that right now. So, in all honesty, congratulations on your wedding, especially if it is rescheduled after lockdown, in particular, I’m thinking of my great friends Gemma and Nathan. I’m potentially not going to be there as you know for personal reasons, but if I can I absolutely will, and I wish you and all of the newlyweds all the love, and happiness in the world. Forget about the money, concentrate on love.

Click on the picture to go directly to our personalised congratulations on your wedding gift wrap page, in the swap your design you will find a few starter options.

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Congratulations on Passing Your Driving test

I bet you can’t wait to say congratulations on passing your driving test, and probably, like the great parents you are you will have bought a card and a gift. Well, now you can wrap that gift in our unique personalised congratulations wrapping paper. You can add your own words, pictures, whatever you want to express your pride in the successful completion of another milestone in your son’s or daughter’s life. Here is the kicker, make sure you buy the paper in advance of the passing so you are well ahead with the plan.

With our personalised wrapping paper you can place images of your choosing, and write that very personal message. Upload the design to us, by completing checkout and on receipt of payment, we will lay out the full sheet and send you a proof, on you approval we will then proceed to print and send via whichever method you have chosen, essentially folded, or rolled. Clicking on the picture above will take you to the designer. Have fun, if you get stuck you can always contact us to help you through the problem.

The sheets are 500x700mm and the design piece you are working on is 74x105mm, Ill even set you up with a few designs to get you started. However it all turns out, make sure to take a picture and tag us in social media with it, giving us a chance to say well done too.