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Sticky Dot Posters

Sticky Dot Posters
Photo by Austin Chan on Unsplash

One of our popular items recently has been the sticky dot posters, and whilst they have been popular there are a few things lacking on the simple video I did. Sticky Dot Posters are printed at high resolution, they have a matt finish (you can get them in gloss but not so popular) they come in white backed or clear backed and are great for straight to flat surface applications. They come in a full range of graphic sizes and the two different 1.2m options for murals without the fuss. Easy to fit, no mess, and easily removable and relocatable. So if you decide it is in the wrong place you can move it. The suction grip does get stronger over time, so will not be so easy to move in future months after being in position.

The material is not suitable for outdoor applications.
It will stick to flat surfaces such as plaster, glass, metal, wood, vinyl.
Suitable for rented properties where you have to leave the walls in a clean state.
Suitable for younger kids who may change their minds a bit more often.
Suitable for latest Covid 19 compliance way finding signage
Suitable for businesses.

The larger size mural posters can be cut to shape for better effect, or use the clear backed material to blend into your existing decor. You can see from the video below, just how easy it is to apply and reuse. What would you use if you didn’t use this, well you would use regular paper and blue tack or sellotape to stick to the walls. Whilst this product is not generally suitable for outdoors, it would be durable enough to use as advertising on the outside of a car for a day, with the proviso you check the material on a discreet place to see how it comes off. This is a cheaper one off alternative to magnetic vehicle grade media.

Some recent uses of the media, murals, artworks, names, graphics, logos.

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Face Masks UK

And so the wearing of face masks UK covering shops and supermarkets, and any form of public transport becomes mandatory from 24 July. Those who feel they don’t want to comply with the new rules will face a fine of up to £100. This move will bring England more into line with Scotland and other major European nations like Spain, Portugal, Italy and Germany. Since the middle of May, the public have been advised to wear coverings in enclosed public spaces, where they may encounter people they would not usually meet and is has been compulsory on public transport in England since 15 June. Children under 11 and those with certain disabilities will be exempt. Given all this, there are still people who believe the rules do not apply to them and will be flouting them. For me personally it isn’t too onerous although my glasses do fog up, Im told placing a piece of tissue on the inside of the mask stops this problem. I haven’t tested it so do not hold me accountable one way or the other. Interestingly, given all that new ruling the environment minister said that the new rulings would not apply to retail staff. This just does not make any sense to me at all.

We had a general discussion the other day and reckoned on my retail ventures that about 40% of people were wearing face masks UK, realistically, how on earth could you apply this ruling to pubs and restaurants. Though to be fair, I fail to see why people would need to go to a pub or restaurant at this time. This number is far too low, and the forcing of that law will be very much welcome to the people who are bothering. Overall, Im still nervous of the winter and the increase of deaths once again simply due to the rise based on cold conditions, if people are not wearing face masks by that time, we will have a significant problem.

In preparation we have sorted out how to get your own personalised printed face masks uk, with elasticated ear loops for a secure fit, built to follow contours of your face, comfy neoprene material can be machine-washed up to 60 deg. These are not medically tested and not to be considered as PPE. They are extremely comfortable and have nice comfy ear loop, none of which causes pressure on the face. They come in adult or child sizes, and you can choose your own design, be it words or images. Have a bit of fun and create the statement you want even with your face covered. From £12 plus delivery and VAT, they are not your cheapest decision but they will be the funniest.

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How to Gift Wrap a Present

How to gift wrap a present

Now you might think you know all there is to know about how to gift wrap a present, with all of the taping, doing the ribbon. This selection I have gathered here for you is amazing. The little tip on bottom of bottle wrapping is amazing, and doing a bow with no knots is super cool, and even making your own bows out the paper used. Iv done the hard work, all you have to do is sit back and watch. Don’t forget to come back here when you want to buy your personalised paper though.

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Congratulations Exam Gift Wrap

Congratulations Exam Gift Wrap

Your relations or loved ones have passed their exams and you want to present the perfect gift for them, well you will need to be looking into our congratulations exam gift wrap.

It’s coming up to July and August and we will have that time of year with extreme ups and downs, that is Exam Results time. I believe it will be GCSE’s in July, A Levels and University Degree Results in August. Clearly it might not be wise to buy in advance, but knowing where to go when the time is right will come in handy and show you really care. Gift ideas for passing (depending on level) might be fountain pens, jewellery, hip flasks and maybe even a car, although perhaps I would suggest not wrapping a car. You may be sending a commiserations, although I haven’t created a template for that, because like you, I have faith that your loved one or friend will pass with flying colours. But you could wrap a personalised message saying you are thinking of them. The point is choice, getting the choice to have a wrapping paper that says what you want it to say. If you are anything like me you will hate the idea of being in a cramped shop, hurriedly trying to choose from a limited range. This way you can shop from the comfort of your armchair (home) and get creative. We love to see those smiles, so if you are happy to send us in those videos of them unwrapping the gift with our paper then we will be happy to post it on our social media sites. or post it yourself on Insta and tag us with #rude-wrap or @rude_wrap.

Fishing Instructions Here
Fishing Gift Wrap

Iv seen the wrapping paper for the clever one in your life, pretty blooming boring if you ask me. That’s why Iv added it to the list of Congratulations for full personalisation. Iv started your creativity off with a few ideas, but why not use your own pictures, come up with your own words. Give them the full treatment, and they will appreciate the effort.

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Golf Wrapping Paper

Golf Wrapping Paper

Golf is a game that you will hate at first, but come to love if you pay it due care and attention, whilst serious players will have advantages, on the whole passionate players will meet on a level setting. The first time I played (with lots of martial arts body awareness behind me) I figured I was going to smack the ball into the middle of next year, I promptly missed and slipped a disk. You cannot go at this hobby with anger or power unless you have carefully handled the delicacies of hitting a ball. The game of golf does become addictive and it will transform your weekends and holidays. The rules are so varied, you cannot imagine the detail, you can keep it simple amongst friends, but find a new scenario you can bet there will be a convoluted rule about it in the book. When you step on that attractive expanse of green, you need to know which club to use and have the ability to hit the ball. Whatever your aspirations, golf is a wonderful sport and a great pastime for men, women and children. It helps you stay fit. More importantly, you get out in the fresh air and you can play individually or in groups (side note, I cannot imagine the fun in playing a round of golf individually, only at the driving range). It also brings you new friends, enhancing your life socially.

Your aim would be to hit the golf ball into the hole with the minimum number of shots or strokes as they are known. You start at the tee, moving to the fairway and then the green. You are likely to find hideous obstacles from the depths of hell along the way, cunningly designed to force you into conceding. A scorecard keeps track of your scores. The player who has the least number of strokes at the end is the winner of the game. Some golfing terms:
A game of golf is called a round.
“Par” is the number of strokes an average player would play to reach the ball into the hole.
A birdie is if you get the ball into the hole in one under par.
An eagle is two under par.
Three under par is a double eagle.
If you hit the ball straight into the hole one stroke, it is a hole in one, and God be praised for your skill, watch out for the bar bill when you get back.
One stroke over par is called a bogey.
Two strokes over par is called a double bogey.

Golf can be an expensive hobby. But don’t spend a lot of money until you have practiced and decided you enjoy the foibles of the game. Look out for Ebay for second hand sets, you would be surprised at the bargains you can get where people spend huge amounts upgrading and personalising their kit.

Fishing Instructions Here
Fishing Gift Wrap

Iv seen the wrapping paper for the golfer in your life, pretty blooming boring if you ask me. That’s why Iv added it to the list of sports for full personalisation. Iv started your creativity off with a few ideas, but why not use your own pictures, come up with your own words. Give them the full treatment, and as golfers, they will appreciate the effort.

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Top 10 Personalised Wrapping Paper UK Websites

We decided to review our top 10 personalised wrapping paper websites UK and give an honest comparison across some of the players. To be fair Iv added in some that aren’t customisable but are just good value and fun. Ten websites and ten honest reviews. Take your pick and please leave a comment or maybe your own feedback I can bring into each one. The list is not in any particular order, just as they came about in my mind. For each Im going to rate the options I think are important for wrapping paper and that rating will be out of 10, with 10 being excellent. I have not included Amazon and Ebay. Who will get the trophy?

Photo by Giorgio Trovato on Unsplash

1/ Zazzle has a very wide selection of offerings from plain to specific and varied personalisation options. At time of review most options tried were unavailable and in fairness this wont be a unique problem given the lockdown in the UK at this time due to Covid. I will review this again post lockdown.
Sizing – 8 Good all round range of sizes and options available from different vendors
Pricing – 3 Very high pricing for what is being offered, given it is a market place there are costs to consider
Material – 7 Wide range of materials, misleading to some degree as some of the materials wont take well to creasing and wrapping without splitting
Delivery options – 1 As far as I can make out this is included in item pricing, so multiple items might be such a good deal
Personalisation – 8 Good range of individual personalisations, so one element per item.
Variations – 9 Huge range of variants, I like this a lot, foils and glitters and wonderful ranges. Creativity here in bucket loads
Overall average – 6
Nicely implemented site, not too much description.

2/ Etsy as you would expect is lovely to look at and has a massive range of creative papers. I love to promote creativity and this site has it in bucket loads.
Sizing – 9 Good all round range of sizes and options available from different vendors
Pricing – 9 Great pricing considering this is a market place
Material – 7 Wide range of materials, misleading to some degree as some of the materials wont take well to creasing and wrapping without splitting
Delivery options – 8 Actually well implemented and offsets carbon emissions. Do watch out for foreign import deliveries (extra/longer)
Personalisation – 9 Good range of individual personalisations, so one element per item.
Variations – 8 Huge range of variants, wonderful ranges. Creativity here in bucket loads. I didn’t dig really deep here, but I suspect foils and glitters will be less prevalent as these are home based businesses in the main.
Overall average – 8.3
Loving a bit of Etsy, everything seemed available.

3/ Filthy Sentiments as the name suggests is your more rude option, I could spend ages on this one. Great range of easily found complimentary items
Sizing – 7 Watch out for the cheaper products and the sizes, A3 doesn’t wrap much at all. 500 x 700mm gets the job done
Pricing – 8 Good price range, but again watch out for the sizing
Material – 7 130gsm silk is a nice heavier material, it does only fold in one direction without cracking.
Delivery options – 6 1st or 2nd class options, doesn’t mention rolled or folded, assume folded!
Personalisation – 3 Small range of individual personalisations.
Variations – 6 Good range of variants, wonderful ranges. If you like your swearing without personalising this ones for you
Overall average – 6.2
Filthy Sentiments stands out for me for two reasons, firstly a great range of complimentary products and secondly a good social media presence. Well done Filthy.

4/ Not on the High Street has a certain place in the market, not sure that extends to personalised wrapping paper in the UK, nevertheless, they do have a good range of options and warrant a place on the list
Sizing – 9 500 x 700mm gets the job done, couldn’t find anything other than this perfect size, different vendors, could mean different sizes, hence 9
Pricing – 8 Good price range, but again watch out for the sizing
Material – 7 Nice materials, same advice on cracking, watch out, but otherwise nice
Delivery options – 9 Going for a high score on this, was nicely laid out and though different vendors, actually was easy to understand.
Personalisation – 3 Small range of individual personalisations.
Variations – 10 Good range of variants, wonderful ranges.
Overall average – 7.7
Im actually surprised these guys seem to have it covered. Really impressed with these guys, totally not what I expected. That’s a special mention from me.

5/ Rude Wrap new in the market and chasing at the heels of everyone else. Aimed specifically at the personalised wrapping paper in the UK it doesn’t cater for standard sheets, large numbers and low costs.
Sizing – 9 500 x 700mm gets the job done. One size so very dependable, you could have a roll but would need to make a special enquiry for it.
Pricing – 9 Only two prices, one for regular and one for rude which hides behind an age gated fence to keep out the feint hearted amongst you
Material – 10 A specific wrapping paper grade at 95gsm, has good receptiveness for the ink and doesn’t crack easily and cuts excellently with a knife and scissors
Delivery options – 9 Two options a cheaper folded and couriered rolled. Simple
Personalisation – 10 You can work on templates that are growing all the time or totally create the artwork yourself, your pictures, your copy. Downside is not being able to see the whole sheet, but watch this space.
Variations – 10 Good sample of ranges to get your creative juices going.
Overall average – 9.5
Of course it is, it is mine, however, not the place to go if you want a standard, cheaper product. Currently not a good range of complimentary products, that will change as things settle down and the business is warranting it. Great fun starter ideas in the rude section, great possibilities for valentines here. Active on Pinterest, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and even a bit of TikTok.

6/ Getting Personal probably has a built audience for its ability to personalise.
Sizing – 8 454 x 644mm slightly smaller sheet, but not a bad size.
Pricing – 8 Good standard pricing.
Material – 7 Silk, doesn’t mention weight, silk will crack in one direction with solid colours or coverage.
Delivery options – 7 1st or 2nd class only, will have to assume folded for such a cheap delivery.
Personalisation – 6 Small range of individual personalisations on most products, great being able to preview the whole sheet.
Variations – 7 Good range of variants.
Overall average – 7.72
Quite a nicely presented website for UK personalised gift wrap. Great search function on their products. Don’t rule these out.

7/ Naff Gift Shop ok ok, this is your rude offering again. I love the idea of being rude, a good swear up
Sizing – 8 500 x 700mm gets the job done. One size so very dependable.
Pricing – 9 Great fair pricing, two sheets included.
Material – 7 100gsm gloss will crack in one direction with solid colours or coverage. Gives a nice finish to product though.
Delivery options – 7 One option only, assuming it is Royal Mail, the sheets are folded.
Personalisation – 0 No offerings to personalise at all, shame, great potential
Variations – 6 Fair range of variants.
Overall average – 6.2
Well laid out site, great pricing and a cheeky range of gift bags too.

8/ Banter Cards Sorry another rude offering again.
Sizing – 8 500mm x 700mm. gets the job done. One size so very dependable.
Pricing – 9 Seems expensive till you see that you get two sheets included.
Material – 6 100gsm recycled. Nice for the eco warriors, but will crack due to the weakness of material. Sad fact is all paper is recycled. Its variations of processes usually that creates the eco credentials.
Delivery options – 7 One option only, assuming it is Royal Mail, the sheets are folded.
Personalisation – 0 No offerings to personalise at all, shame, great potential
Variations – 7 Good range of variants.
Overall average – 6.2
What I call a bog standard ecommerce site, horribly laid out, good pricing in context.

9/ Printster just dropped into the list by accident
Sizing – 10 420mm x 594mm. Small basic offering but all options available, I like that.
Pricing – 4 Compared to other reviews seems high for the size, larger rolls are really expensive
Material – 5 90gsm No mention of what it actually is, reading some reviews it seems like a standard printing paper, probably likely to crack.
Delivery options – 7 One option only for wrapping paper 5-7 days, it is Royal Mail, the sheets are probably folded unless you are ordering the rolls.
Personalisation – 7 Simple options only
Variations – 7 Good range of variants.
Overall average – 6.7
Not a bad option, probably best to look at some of the others before deciding.

10/ Dom and Geri kept popping up when I searched and I like that
Sizing – 10 580mm x 840mm. Great standard offering and all options available, I like that a lot.
Pricing – 9 actually good value, larger rolls seem really expensive, but working out cost per metre, then they are ok.
Material – 4 No mention of what it actually is. Being in the print industry, I don’t like not knowing.
Delivery options – 9 Sheets are folded unless you order rolls, plenty of delivery options available
Personalisation – 9 Double options available which is good
Variations – 8 Good range of variants.
Overall average – 8.2
Tipping in at the end. Good job.

In terms of this review, of course I reckon Im up there if you are looking for complete personalised wrapping paper in the UK. There are some great options there and a quick summary is:
Etsy is up there for creativity
Filthy Sentiments are just great all round with good marketing behind what they do and so deserve my notional trophy award.
Dom and Geri deserve a mention with a great overall average.

A review is personal and subject to things that are important to the individual, I am of course from the print industry so my key indicators are quality of print and material, whether the sheet is being folded for delivery, and how much personalisation is available for the gift wrapping. I have definitely enjoyed looking at the options for you and one of the things that stands out is the range of sizes, so think about what you need the paper for and whether it is going to be big enough. It is possible to say, maybe some things are different because of lockdown and the availability of materials and machinery. Hoping you get some value out of this, remember I was looking at

You can go directly to our Rude Wrap shop by clicking this link

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Fishing Wrapping Paper

Photo by Belinda Fewings on Unsplash
Fishing Instructions Here
Fishing Gift Wrap

Fishing or angling, to take it by it’s serious name, is one of the biggest hobbies/sports in the UK, and during the Lockdown period of 2020 it was the first sport to be allowed back into common usage. People like fishing simply because it’s great for all levels and ages and attracts a male and female audience. It’s both a wonderful way to enjoy nature and spend quality time with friends and family members, and let your hair down after a hard days/weeks/months/ work. Myself, although not a great fisherman, Im more a rest and relax guy, used to meet up with a buddy from school every year, going somewhere different each time and having a fishing adventure. Along the way others would get invited and it became even more enjoyable, that once a year trip to be care free for a weekend.

Fishing began over 40,000 years ago, not as a sport but as a serious means of sourcing food, fish and eat the catch. As today, people would fish in both freshwater and saltwater locations. Around 2000 BC fishing became a sport, to date I have not been able to ascertain why it would have been seen as sport rather than food at that time.

Although some of the equipment has improved over the years fundamentally anglers must find stalk their catch and lure them in. There are people that seem to have a natural ability at doing this, many of my friends read the water and catch all the time. Me, I just love to bait up, with a float and get the rod in the water and sit back and relax. I suppose for me, there is a fear of catching a fish and having to deal wth it and let it go. My first experience fishing was with my brother at Yalding Locks in Kent, we would spend the whole weekend out and Id not catch anything, which didn’t bother me too much. Though I must confess, when the float bobs, nothing beats that sense of excitement.

These days people go fishing for many reasons:
1) There is no doubt it is a great stress reliever, fishing is an excellent way to sit back and take stock of life. It forces you to slow down and take in the world. Being outdoors and bonding with nature and other people makes stress melt away. During lockdown, people have come to see the value in slowing down and taking in the world. This time has been invaluable and maybe many more people will see the value in fishing because of it.
2) It’s so good for both your physical and mental health. Along with being an excellent stress reliever, fishing can be meditative and a great way to unwind and relax. Because fishing is an outdoor activity, anglers are exposed to mood-improving sunshine thereby minimising SAD syndrome and they are more likely to get physical activity.
3) It promotes friendship. Fishing isn’t always a solo sport, anglers often enjoy socialising as I mentioned previously, personally Iv made many friends that have stood over many years from fishing. Plus, fishing is a great activity for families and groups of friends.
4) Fishing is simply an enjoyable hobby. It’s a break from reality, a reason to sit back and forget your troubles. Reeling in a big catch is exciting (for many)! Lots of people fish solely for the thrill of it.
5) Fishing is a fantastic hobby for people of all ages. Parents and grandparents can teach children new skills that will carry over into adulthood.

What Type of Fishing are you into?
Freshwater Fishing
Whether it’s a lake, pond, stream, or river, you will certainly have a freshwater location nearby.
Perfect for beginners, freshwater fishing requires very little equipment and can be enjoyed from land without getting wet. Whilst you may choose to fish on land or from the shore, you could also fish by boat or from a bridge or indeed, some very obscure location that will bring you the best catch (see my note previously about stalker hunter friends who scout their position, it isn’t always a comfy spot either).
Sea Fishing
From the shore or from boat, sea fishing can be great for beginners. I was taken sea fishing off the coast of Dungeness, I have to say, it was thrilling, an 80lb breaking strain line and I hooked a cod, that bugger nearly took my arms out, and after a big fight and getting him in to being able to see him, he looked at me and snapped the line. My one that got away story.
Depending on the fish you intend to catch, you’ll need specialist equipment, so it’s best to consult a professional before venturing out. Fishing from the beach is an excellent option for first-timers. The species of fish you can catch are virtually endless. You can catch fish from virtually any shore and each time something comes out the water it will look different.
Check with a local fisherman to find out what types of fish are biting in your area. This will help you decide what type of bait to pick up.

You can spend as much or as little as you like on fishing equipment, the list is endless, so is the carrying. You will need a license to fish, and there are strict behaviours you are expected to follow when you are fishing along with each specific set of rules for each place that you fish. When I started the weights used in freshwater were split lead, that is a big No No now. So make sure you know the basics before you head out.

Iv seen the wrapping paper for the fisherman in your life, pretty blooming boring if you ask me. That’s why Iv added it to the list of sports for full personalisation. Iv started your creativity off with a few ideas, but why not use your own pictures, come up with your own words. Give them the full treatment, and as anglers, they will appreciate the effort. You can get to the fishing wrapping paper section by clicking here or on the picture above.

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Fathers Day All Wrapped Up

Getting Fathers day all wrapped up, he is the most important man in your life. He gets all those jobs done, helps with all of your problems and invariably has a few quid to lend out when you most need it. He is grumpy, probably cuddly, as they say in Star Wars, “He is your Father”. For me he is, of course, my father, although I tend to refer to him as Dad. Dad’s day just doesn’t have the same ring to it.
We have made it through a large portion of lockdown and you are just being able to get out to the shops. Who on earth fancies going into a card shop to get wrapping paper in one of the busiest shops ever to get wrapping paper that doesn’t say what you want to. We are delivering a public service here, saving you all of that trouble and social distancing to get exactly the right wrapping paper for the hero of the day, Dad. Im pretty sure you will have spent a few quid on his present, now, Im asking you to spend a little more and make it complete.
Rude Wrap wrapping paper is about the smile, when the recipient realises the paper is tailored specifically to them, they can’t help but raise a smile and that makes us smile, so please feel free to video the reaction and tag us in instagram with #rudewrap. This venture is just starting out so those likes, shares and follows mean the world to us and help to spread the word to others that it is possible to deliver smiles even in lockdown. To get started right away click here.

Fathers Day all wrapped up
Photo found on Unsplash
Instructions Here
Personalise fathers Day Here