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Value Products Listed on Amazon

The value products listed on this page are affiliate Product links to Amazon, if you buy through them, you will pay the same price as on Amazon but we will be receiving a commission. Of course, the beauty for you is that if you have a Prime account your delivery is included. It is just so easy buying from Amazon. We have included links to Prime, Audible and Kids which are great recommends and worth a try, especially the Kids

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Buying T Shirts For Multiple People

T Shirts For Multiple People, to date we have been showing lots of ideas for T shirts and the different ways of personalising your individual T shirt. Now it is time to talk about T shirts for multiple people. The requirements are very different for this. In most cases you would need a heavier duty product for durability. Maybe you want that polo vibe, or soft touch, pretty much any type of T shirt is available, and because you are ordering more than the one, you will be looking at getting the best deal available. Whilst you are thinking about it consider these questions:
How many people need them
How many does each person need
Do the individuals require fitted shape or unisex
What type of product are you looking for (colours vary product to product)
Get all of the sizes into a list
What do you want the T shirt to say
Do you have a key message for individuals (personalisation)
Do you want to put a key message from the group as well
Is there anything you might want to include on the back

We use a method of printing called DTG or Direct To Garment. This makes the ink part of the T Shirt and so is long lasting and feels great. The inks we use are completely vegan friendly and non toxic which is great for the environmentally minded amongst you.

Lots of groups to date have bought for themselves, ie their use either at school, work, in a team, a group or club, but have you thought about creating a quantity of gifts, with a special message? Of course this makes it a little difficult in terms of size ordering, potentially look at popular sizes and bulk order to gift to people who have done sound work either as part of the team or customers. Never forget the value of a happy customer receiving a gift with a thank you message that can be worn outside of normal situations.

We feel that given the economic climate there needs to a be a seismic shift in thinking about every part of our ethos, that is right through business and personal. Just because you have always done things a certain way you might consider looking at the process with fresh eyes, a view to increase your visibility, to create positivity and feeling part of something special. Ok, we are only talking about T shirts for multiple people but if you can extend that thinking? That would be special. Part of our ethos from the beginning was, walking with you along the way, and that hasn’t changed we still want to be a part of your journey.

Try getting your thoughts together, and then email us and let us try and point you in the right direction. Looking forward to your contact.

work t shirt
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Love Your Pet

Love Your Pet

Imagine wanting to keep your beloved pet close to your heart, here is the solution. You pick the size and colour T Shirt and send us your high resolution digital photo and we will turn it into a Love Your Pet T Shirt, beautifully extracted and placed close to your heart,

Upon receipt of your picture, we will set about the background removal and sending you an approval proof. Now you may want to change a few things such as size, amount of background removed, colour of T shirt, none of which is a problem, just send us an email back with your changes and we will sort and send you back another proof. Once you are happy, let us know and we will commence production and then sit back and wait for it to drop through your door.

Maybe you want it for a child, just ask and we will try to accommodate your request.

Love Your Pet might include, your current pet or those deceased that you just cant forget. You might be thinking:

Let us see what we can do, and if you do go ahead and get one, don’t forget to send us a picture of it being worn for our social media. Get your thinking caps on guys. To head over to the shop page just click on this link for our Love Your Pet T Shirt

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All about the T Shirts

Not just all about the T Shirts but also fitted T Shirts, Hoodies, Men and Women’s Polos and Long Sleeve Tees. For the first few, you can see the colour shift across different materials, the last few are just random colours. We have range of lines:
Jokes (including rude)
Other lines will be added as we establish, we have different sizes, and base shirt colours and some even allow for personalisation (words). We have a specific T Shirt for full design personalisation.

Don’t forget we have wider range of products such as vests, sportswear, kids tees and baby grows, together with a much wider colour gamut, please feel free to enquire. Feedback is always appreciated. Suggestions for designs even more so.

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Wooden Plaques

Preserve your memories in a unique format using a wooden plaque in either oak or pine. Be it your wedding, a special moment with your children or the holiday of a lifetime. Whatever the memory, you will remember it in style with this delightful, natural product, with no varnishes or finishes to harm the environment. To begin the process simply click on the image above.

Create a custom wooden plaque and have a truly stunning piece of art for your home. Each product will bring out the natural finish and grain of the timber, allowing the natural splendour of the wood to create a unique finish as individual as you. The product is 150 x 200 mm by 20 mm thick, making it a freestanding product. Each face will be sanded and free of sharp edges. Please note, it is not suitable for children, especially as a toy.

Your images and text can be printed straight on to the wooden plaque itself which will allow the natural grain and beauty of the material to show through into the finished print. Or opt for the vibrant option, which will lay down a cover coat of white underneath the print to give a stunning vibrant image against the material. Should you require a unique design, then contact us with your requirements (such as photo retouching or blending) and we will work out costs and come back to you.

Our printing process ensures good quality and a long-lasting wooden plaque that won’t fade, chip or crack over time. The special UV inks will protect the image from sunlight and water spills or splashes.

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Face Masks UK

And so the wearing of face masks UK covering shops and supermarkets, and any form of public transport becomes mandatory from 24 July. Those who feel they don’t want to comply with the new rules will face a fine of up to £100. This move will bring England more into line with Scotland and other major European nations like Spain, Portugal, Italy and Germany. Since the middle of May, the public have been advised to wear coverings in enclosed public spaces, where they may encounter people they would not usually meet and is has been compulsory on public transport in England since 15 June. Children under 11 and those with certain disabilities will be exempt. Given all this, there are still people who believe the rules do not apply to them and will be flouting them. For me personally it isn’t too onerous although my glasses do fog up, Im told placing a piece of tissue on the inside of the mask stops this problem. I haven’t tested it so do not hold me accountable one way or the other. Interestingly, given all that new ruling the environment minister said that the new rulings would not apply to retail staff. This just does not make any sense to me at all.

We had a general discussion the other day and reckoned on my retail ventures that about 40% of people were wearing face masks UK, realistically, how on earth could you apply this ruling to pubs and restaurants. Though to be fair, I fail to see why people would need to go to a pub or restaurant at this time. This number is far too low, and the forcing of that law will be very much welcome to the people who are bothering. Overall, Im still nervous of the winter and the increase of deaths once again simply due to the rise based on cold conditions, if people are not wearing face masks by that time, we will have a significant problem.

In preparation we have sorted out how to get your own personalised printed face masks uk, with elasticated ear loops for a secure fit, built to follow contours of your face, comfy neoprene material can be machine-washed up to 60 deg. These are not medically tested and not to be considered as PPE. They are extremely comfortable and have nice comfy ear loop, none of which causes pressure on the face. They come in adult or child sizes, and you can choose your own design, be it words or images. Have a bit of fun and create the statement you want even with your face covered. From £12 plus delivery and VAT, they are not your cheapest decision but they will be the funniest.