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Buying T Shirts For Multiple People

T Shirts For Multiple People, to date we have been showing lots of ideas for T shirts and the different ways of personalising your individual T shirt. Now it is time to talk about T shirts for multiple people. The requirements are very different for this. In most cases you would need a heavier duty product for durability. Maybe you want that polo vibe, or soft touch, pretty much any type of T shirt is available, and because you are ordering more than the one, you will be looking at getting the best deal available. Whilst you are thinking about it consider these questions:
How many people need them
How many does each person need
Do the individuals require fitted shape or unisex
What type of product are you looking for (colours vary product to product)
Get all of the sizes into a list
What do you want the T shirt to say
Do you have a key message for individuals (personalisation)
Do you want to put a key message from the group as well
Is there anything you might want to include on the back

We use a method of printing called DTG or Direct To Garment. This makes the ink part of the T Shirt and so is long lasting and feels great. The inks we use are completely vegan friendly and non toxic which is great for the environmentally minded amongst you.

Lots of groups to date have bought for themselves, ie their use either at school, work, in a team, a group or club, but have you thought about creating a quantity of gifts, with a special message? Of course this makes it a little difficult in terms of size ordering, potentially look at popular sizes and bulk order to gift to people who have done sound work either as part of the team or customers. Never forget the value of a happy customer receiving a gift with a thank you message that can be worn outside of normal situations.

We feel that given the economic climate there needs to a be a seismic shift in thinking about every part of our ethos, that is right through business and personal. Just because you have always done things a certain way you might consider looking at the process with fresh eyes, a view to increase your visibility, to create positivity and feeling part of something special. Ok, we are only talking about T shirts for multiple people but if you can extend that thinking? That would be special. Part of our ethos from the beginning was, walking with you along the way, and that hasn’t changed we still want to be a part of your journey.

Try getting your thoughts together, and then email us and let us try and point you in the right direction. Looking forward to your contact.

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