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Do you want to be Rude to your friend

Do you want to be rude to your friend? Ok, maybe not hateful rude, but you old sod rude kind of thing . Maybe you have a certain way of talking to each other or perhaps there is an episode of their life that just needs to be remembered. Ladies and gentlemen, I give you Rude Wrap. Iv mentioned before the whole E-commerce section of the company was based on being rude to my mates. Two things struck me when I was thinking about the idea, firstly Lockdown in Covid and the subsequent difficulty in getting to the shops and getting a customised sheet of wrapping paper. Our rude wrapping paper is printed on genuine wrapping paper with a heavyweight feel so none of that weak tissue thin xmas wrapping paper you buy for a £1. This is a premium product, not only in specification, but after you have finished being creative, the whole design idea behind it. Anyway, back to the story, you could buy sheets of themed paper, you could even put a message, maybe on some you could put an image. What you couldn’t do was put it all together and have the freedom to create whatever you wanted. I come from a printing background so I set to overcoming the challenge. I still have some areas to overcome with coding. Im happy with the artwork part of the system, which you do online. At the moment I have to automate receipt into the backend system and send you back a laid up proof of the sheet just to make sure that it is how you imagined it to be. Eventually, that will happen online and you will pass the final sheet in one go. We all have to start somewhere right? Iv constantly read that you just need to get the idea up and running and smooth out the kinks as you go.

When you finally pass that proof via email, and let us know, we print the sheet/sheets. You will already have decided on the two options available on postage, £2.75 where the sheets will be folded and sent via Royal Mail or £5.50 rolled and couriered for a pristine sheet and faster delivery. They get delivered, where you will wrap the gift and give to the recipient. Hopefully, you might record that moment on video and send to us on our social media sites, which you can find on the floating bars to the left of this post.

Do you want to be rude to your friend? Not necessarily your family or loved ones. You might consider being a little bit more loving or polite in that instance. Maybe you want to congratulate someone on their exams (well maybe not so much in lockdown) an event, a special birthday, valentines, xmas, mother’s day, father’s day. The only limit is your imagination. Whatever it is, you can create it with our system. We have set up a few templates to get you started. The clever amongst you will note that there are far more rude than not. Maybe that is a function of my childish mind, or the people that keep suggesting ideas. We are an open book. We will always be happy to receive new ideas, comments, criticisms, feedback. Personally Im not so keen on abuse, so let’s keep it non hateful and we will all have fun.

To sum up you can be as rude as you like with the wrapping paper and indeed the T Shirts, you can be creative but what none of us want to see is hateful things and those sensitive issues prominent in the press. So I would respectfully ask you to consider the people who ultimately have to print these things and think about the message you are giving the world. Other than that, have fun and #berude

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