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Congratulations on Passing Your Driving test

I bet you can’t wait to say congratulations on passing your driving test, and probably, like the great parents you are you will have bought a card and a gift. Well, now you can wrap that gift in our unique personalised congratulations wrapping paper. You can add your own words, pictures, whatever you want to express your pride in the successful completion of another milestone in your son’s or daughter’s life. Here is the kicker, make sure you buy the paper in advance of the passing so you are well ahead with the plan.

With our personalised wrapping paper you can place images of your choosing, and write that very personal message. Upload the design to us, by completing checkout and on receipt of payment, we will lay out the full sheet and send you a proof, on you approval we will then proceed to print and send via whichever method you have chosen, essentially folded, or rolled. Clicking on the picture above will take you to the designer. Have fun, if you get stuck you can always contact us to help you through the problem.

The sheets are 500x700mm and the design piece you are working on is 74x105mm, Ill even set you up with a few designs to get you started. However it all turns out, make sure to take a picture and tag us in social media with it, giving us a chance to say well done too.

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