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Congratulations on Your Wedding

Now that the restrictions during lockdown are starting to release, so too has the ban on weddings. Whilst there is still a restriction on numbers attending, people all over the country are breathing a sigh of relief as they start re-organising their day and as such you will be wanting to say “congratulations on your wedding“.
There are some wonderful wrapping papers available to you to choose from. I think we stand out for one reason, you can customise exactly the message to the happy couple. Here is a simple for instance, in the beautiful world we live in today, we are broad-minded enough to have same-sex marriages. This is a great move forward in the world and our understanding of basic humanity, but have you ever seen a wrapping paper for weddings to Mark and Mark, or Susan and Susan for instance? With our product, you can, you may also use your own pictures, maybe a personal message.

The point is, a wedding is personal and unique to the couple concerned, why should we make any part of that day standard? I agree, our paper is a little more expensive than a standard wrapping paper, and we absolutely could do the same if we were printing in bulk, but we are delivering one off products to order, that increases costs dramatically. Also I have said in a previous blog, that given the current state of social distancing, it is quite handy shopping in this way and not having to mix with people who seem to think it is ok to invade your personal space. No social contact required here.

The world has dramatically changed over the last few months, and I feel blessed that my timing for online wrapping paper seemed to be absolutely perfect. Weddings are a happy occasion and we need more of that right now. So, in all honesty, congratulations on your wedding, especially if it is rescheduled after lockdown, in particular, I’m thinking of my great friends Gemma and Nathan. I’m potentially not going to be there as you know for personal reasons, but if I can I absolutely will, and I wish you and all of the newlyweds all the love, and happiness in the world. Forget about the money, concentrate on love.

Click on the picture to go directly to our personalised congratulations on your wedding gift wrap page, in the swap your design you will find a few starter options.