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Sticky Dot Posters

Sticky Dot Posters
Photo by Austin Chan on Unsplash

One of our popular items recently has been the sticky dot posters, and whilst they have been popular there are a few things lacking on the simple video I did. Sticky Dot Posters are printed at high resolution, they have a matt finish (you can get them in gloss but not so popular) they come in white backed or clear backed and are great for straight to flat surface applications. They come in a full range of graphic sizes and the two different 1.2m options for murals without the fuss. Easy to fit, no mess, and easily removable and relocatable. So if you decide it is in the wrong place you can move it. The suction grip does get stronger over time, so will not be so easy to move in future months after being in position.

The material is not suitable for outdoor applications.
It will stick to flat surfaces such as plaster, glass, metal, wood, vinyl.
Suitable for rented properties where you have to leave the walls in a clean state.
Suitable for younger kids who may change their minds a bit more often.
Suitable for latest Covid 19 compliance way finding signage
Suitable for businesses.

The larger size mural posters can be cut to shape for better effect, or use the clear backed material to blend into your existing decor. You can see from the video below, just how easy it is to apply and reuse. What would you use if you didn’t use this, well you would use regular paper and blue tack or sellotape to stick to the walls. Whilst this product is not generally suitable for outdoors, it would be durable enough to use as advertising on the outside of a car for a day, with the proviso you check the material on a discreet place to see how it comes off. This is a cheaper one off alternative to magnetic vehicle grade media.

Some recent uses of the media, murals, artworks, names, graphics, logos.

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