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Golf Wrapping Paper

Golf Wrapping Paper

Golf is a game that you will hate at first, but come to love if you pay it due care and attention, whilst serious players will have advantages, on the whole passionate players will meet on a level setting. The first time I played (with lots of martial arts body awareness behind me) I figured I was going to smack the ball into the middle of next year, I promptly missed and slipped a disk. You cannot go at this hobby with anger or power unless you have carefully handled the delicacies of hitting a ball. The game of golf does become addictive and it will transform your weekends and holidays. The rules are so varied, you cannot imagine the detail, you can keep it simple amongst friends, but find a new scenario you can bet there will be a convoluted rule about it in the book. When you step on that attractive expanse of green, you need to know which club to use and have the ability to hit the ball. Whatever your aspirations, golf is a wonderful sport and a great pastime for men, women and children. It helps you stay fit. More importantly, you get out in the fresh air and you can play individually or in groups (side note, I cannot imagine the fun in playing a round of golf individually, only at the driving range). It also brings you new friends, enhancing your life socially.

Your aim would be to hit the golf ball into the hole with the minimum number of shots or strokes as they are known. You start at the tee, moving to the fairway and then the green. You are likely to find hideous obstacles from the depths of hell along the way, cunningly designed to force you into conceding. A scorecard keeps track of your scores. The player who has the least number of strokes at the end is the winner of the game. Some golfing terms:
A game of golf is called a round.
“Par” is the number of strokes an average player would play to reach the ball into the hole.
A birdie is if you get the ball into the hole in one under par.
An eagle is two under par.
Three under par is a double eagle.
If you hit the ball straight into the hole one stroke, it is a hole in one, and God be praised for your skill, watch out for the bar bill when you get back.
One stroke over par is called a bogey.
Two strokes over par is called a double bogey.

Golf can be an expensive hobby. But don’t spend a lot of money until you have practiced and decided you enjoy the foibles of the game. Look out for Ebay for second hand sets, you would be surprised at the bargains you can get where people spend huge amounts upgrading and personalising their kit.

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Iv seen the wrapping paper for the golfer in your life, pretty blooming boring if you ask me. That’s why Iv added it to the list of sports for full personalisation. Iv started your creativity off with a few ideas, but why not use your own pictures, come up with your own words. Give them the full treatment, and as golfers, they will appreciate the effort.

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