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Fathers Day All Wrapped Up

Getting Fathers day all wrapped up, he is the most important man in your life. He gets all those jobs done, helps with all of your problems and invariably has a few quid to lend out when you most need it. He is grumpy, probably cuddly, as they say in Star Wars, “He is your Father”. For me he is, of course, my father, although I tend to refer to him as Dad. Dad’s day just doesn’t have the same ring to it.
We have made it through a large portion of lockdown and you are just being able to get out to the shops. Who on earth fancies going into a card shop to get wrapping paper in one of the busiest shops ever to get wrapping paper that doesn’t say what you want to. We are delivering a public service here, saving you all of that trouble and social distancing to get exactly the right wrapping paper for the hero of the day, Dad. Im pretty sure you will have spent a few quid on his present, now, Im asking you to spend a little more and make it complete.
Rude Wrap wrapping paper is about the smile, when the recipient realises the paper is tailored specifically to them, they can’t help but raise a smile and that makes us smile, so please feel free to video the reaction and tag us in instagram with #rudewrap. This venture is just starting out so those likes, shares and follows mean the world to us and help to spread the word to others that it is possible to deliver smiles even in lockdown. To get started right away click here.

Fathers Day all wrapped up
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