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Face Masks UK

And so the wearing of face masks UK covering shops and supermarkets, and any form of public transport becomes mandatory from 24 July. Those who feel they don’t want to comply with the new rules will face a fine of up to £100. This move will bring England more into line with Scotland and other major European nations like Spain, Portugal, Italy and Germany. Since the middle of May, the public have been advised to wear coverings in enclosed public spaces, where they may encounter people they would not usually meet and is has been compulsory on public transport in England since 15 June. Children under 11 and those with certain disabilities will be exempt. Given all this, there are still people who believe the rules do not apply to them and will be flouting them. For me personally it isn’t too onerous although my glasses do fog up, Im told placing a piece of tissue on the inside of the mask stops this problem. I haven’t tested it so do not hold me accountable one way or the other. Interestingly, given all that new ruling the environment minister said that the new rulings would not apply to retail staff. This just does not make any sense to me at all.

We had a general discussion the other day and reckoned on my retail ventures that about 40% of people were wearing face masks UK, realistically, how on earth could you apply this ruling to pubs and restaurants. Though to be fair, I fail to see why people would need to go to a pub or restaurant at this time. This number is far too low, and the forcing of that law will be very much welcome to the people who are bothering. Overall, Im still nervous of the winter and the increase of deaths once again simply due to the rise based on cold conditions, if people are not wearing face masks by that time, we will have a significant problem.

In preparation we have sorted out how to get your own personalised printed face masks uk, with elasticated ear loops for a secure fit, built to follow contours of your face, comfy neoprene material can be machine-washed up to 60 deg. These are not medically tested and not to be considered as PPE. They are extremely comfortable and have nice comfy ear loop, none of which causes pressure on the face. They come in adult or child sizes, and you can choose your own design, be it words or images. Have a bit of fun and create the statement you want even with your face covered. From £12 plus delivery and VAT, they are not your cheapest decision but they will be the funniest.

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