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Congratulations Exam Gift Wrap

Congratulations Exam Gift Wrap

Your relations or loved ones have passed their exams and you want to present the perfect gift for them, well you will need to be looking into our congratulations exam gift wrap.

It’s coming up to July and August and we will have that time of year with extreme ups and downs, that is Exam Results time. I believe it will be GCSE’s in July, A Levels and University Degree Results in August. Clearly it might not be wise to buy in advance, but knowing where to go when the time is right will come in handy and show you really care. Gift ideas for passing (depending on level) might be fountain pens, jewellery, hip flasks and maybe even a car, although perhaps I would suggest not wrapping a car. You may be sending a commiserations, although I haven’t created a template for that, because like you, I have faith that your loved one or friend will pass with flying colours. But you could wrap a personalised message saying you are thinking of them. The point is choice, getting the choice to have a wrapping paper that says what you want it to say. If you are anything like me you will hate the idea of being in a cramped shop, hurriedly trying to choose from a limited range. This way you can shop from the comfort of your armchair (home) and get creative. We love to see those smiles, so if you are happy to send us in those videos of them unwrapping the gift with our paper then we will be happy to post it on our social media sites. or post it yourself on Insta and tag us with #rude-wrap or @rude_wrap.

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Iv seen the wrapping paper for the clever one in your life, pretty blooming boring if you ask me. That’s why Iv added it to the list of Congratulations for full personalisation. Iv started your creativity off with a few ideas, but why not use your own pictures, come up with your own words. Give them the full treatment, and they will appreciate the effort.

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